Scholarship Documents List 2023: Check Mandatory Documents


As you all are aware that in order to motivate students to pursue higher education the government implements various kinds of schemes. These schemes provide fee waivers, scholarship facilities, etc. In order to benefit from these schemes students are required to submit a few documents. This article will cover complete details regarding the Scholarship Documents List 2023. You will get to know what all documents are required in order to get a scholarship. So if you are interested to get the benefit of scholarship schemes then you are requested to read this article very carefully till the end

Scholarship Documents List 2023
Scholarship Documents List

About Scholarship Documents List 2023

Through various scholarship schemes, the government provides financial assistance to students who want to pursue higher education but due to their financial condition, they are unable to do so. Scholarship schemes ensure that every student gets an education despite their financial status. Through these schemes dropout rate can also be reduced. In order to get the benefit of scholarship schemes students are required to submit a Scholarship Documents List which includes Aadhar Card, income certificate, bank account details, residential certificate, etc. Through this article, you will get complete information regarding these documents.

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Key Highlights Of Scholarship Document List

Name of the scheme Scholarship document list
Launched by Government of India
Beneficiary Students of India
Objective To provide a complete list of scholarship documents
Year 2023

Objective Of Scholarship Document List

  • The main objective of the scholarship document list is to provide complete details regarding the documents required to avail of the scholarship.
  • This document includes an income certificate, marksheet, residential certificate, Aadhar Card, etc
  • Through scholarship, those students are provided financial assistance who does not have enough financial resources to pursue their education
Types Of Scholarship
  • Merit-based scholarship- This scholarship is given to those students who are meritorious in studies
  • Means-based Scholarship– This scholarship is given to those students who do not have access to financial resources
  • Merit cum means scholarship- This scholarship is provided to those students who are not able to continue their studies due to lack of money even after being meritorious in studies
  • Talent-based Scholarship- This scholarship is provided to those students who have some talent
  • Girls scholarship- This scholarship is provided to girl student
  • Community-based Scholarship- This scholarship is provided to students of a particular community
  • Location-based Scholarship- This scholarship is provided to students of a particular place
  • Physical trait-based Scholarship- This scholarship is given to those students who are mentally challenged
List Of Documents Required To Get Benefit Of Scholarship Scheme
  • Marksheet
  • Income certificate
  • Caste certificate
  • Residence certificate
  • Proof of address
  • Birth certificate
  • Aadhar card/voter ID/driving license
  • Passport
  • Bank account details
  • Disability certificate
  • BPL card
  • Ration card
  • Passport size photograph

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Details Regarding Various Documents

  • Ration card- A ration card is a government document. Through ration cards, citizens can avail subsidize Ration from the fair price shop
  • Birth certificate- A birth certificate is a document that a hospital issues on the birth of a child. This document confirms the date, day, time, hospital, and country of delivery. It is basically a proof of Identity
  • Aadhar card- Aadhar Card is proof of identity. It has a unique 12-digit code which is different for every citizen
  • Marksheets- Educational certificate is proof that a particular person has gained a particular level of education
  • Passport- A passport is an essential document for traveling abroad. This document is a license that certifies the identity and nationality in a foreign country
  • Driving license– All those persons can apply for a driving license whose age is above 18 years. This document requires to carry while driving any vehicle
  • Voter ID card- A voter ID card is an important document that the election commission issues to those Indians who age is above 18 years. It requires every adult Indian to cast a valid vote
  • Bank passbook- Bank passbook issues by a bank in which citizens have an account. The passbook contains the complete bank account details of a citizen
  • Income certificate- An income certificate is a document that issues by an authority working under the state government. The purpose of this certificate is to verify the annual income of the family from all the sources
  • Caste certificate- A caste certificate certifies the caste or class of a particular person. It considers a very important document that is proof of caste
  • Residence certificate- A residence certificate is an official document that shows the place of residence. It is issue by the State government or union territory government

Some Important Details Regarding Scholarship Document List

  • Students should prepare all the scholarship documents before the application
  • If there is the absence of any document then it can lead to the rejection of the application
  • All the important documents require to upload online
  • Applicant must ensure that the size of the scholarship documents should be as per the size asked in the application form
  • For offline applications, applicants require to keep photocopies of all the scholarship documents ready
  • Students should ensure that the photocopied document is clearly visible
  • The scanned important documents should save in a digital format on the phone and email
  • The scholarship document should be attested by the gazetted officer and signed by him


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