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What is the difference between Northeast monsoon and retreating southwest monsoon?

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June to September is the season of south-west monsoon rainfall in India. After September 1, the strength of monsoon starts decreasing in North-West part of India/Pakistan region and after certain conditions are met (like cessation of rainfall in this part for at least five days , considerable reduction in the moisture and establishment of high pressure at an altitude of 5,000 feet above ground), monsoon starts withdrawing i.e retreating. Typically this goes on for more than a month and India Meteorological Department (IMD) keeps monitoring this withdrawal. Till 15N latitude, this withdrawing is referred as south-west monsoon withdrawal. After the withdrawal happens till this latitude and some more weather conditions are met (including a norm that at least 10 days have passed in October), IMD declares the onset of Northeast Monsoon. So basically Northeast Monsoon commences if 10 days have passed in October and these conditions are met especially retreat of south-west monsoon till 15N.

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