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UPSC Download : Governance In india By laxmikant E Book Free Download PDF

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Governance In india By laxmikant E Book Free Download PDF

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Central Administration
3. Personnel Administration
4. Financial Administration
5. Control over Administration
6. State Administration
7. Divisional Administration
8. District Administration
9. Local Administration
10. Rights Issues
11. Rights Commissions
12. Autonomous Bodies
13. Contemporary Issues
14. Law and Order Administration
Appendix 1. National Policies
Appendix 2. New 15-Point Programme for Minorities
Appendix 3. 13th Finance Commission Recommendations
Appendix 4. Number of Local Bodies at Different Tiers (2010)
Appendix 5. Sachar Committee Recommendations
Appendix 6. Regulatory Bodies
Appendix 7. Soli Sorabjee Committee on Police Reforms
Appendix 8. Second ARC Recommendations
Appendix 9. Sixth Pay Commission Recommendations
Appendix 10. List of Committees and Commissions
Appendix 11. Advisory and Executive Agencies
Practice Test Paper (1-10)

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