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Meenakshi Temple

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India’s technicolor temples: Dazzling pyramids that are an explosion of vibrant shades and 33,000 sculptures


There is no chance of missing these colourful temples in India as they’re painted every shade of the rainbow.
Rising up to 170 feet in the air, the 14 towers of the Meenakshi Temple are adorned by an impressive display of around 33,000 sculptures – all accentuated with a riot of bright colours.
Located in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu, the radiant Hindu site may grab the attention of tourists and pilgrims now, but it didn’t always look so vibrant.
The thick layers of enamel paint that can be seen today have been applied to the gateway towers, or gopurams, in celebration of big events and festivals over recent years.


Each gopuram forms a pyramid shape, with the stone figures of gods, goddesses, demons and animals covering the multi-storied structures.


The total site covers a 45 acre patch and includes several shrines to the goddess Meenakshi, a manifestation of the Hindu goddess Parvati — the wife of Lord Shiva.
In addition to this are figures depicting the tales of battle scenes and sculptures honouring warriors. (Mail Online)

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