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  • 'Growth of Indian art market slow but steady'

    The culture and diversity of India is richer than that. When I go back to seeing the auction catalogue we had years ago and you realize there are many other artists who were represented in the museums and art market at the time. I want to strike a balance, our raison d'etre is to build value for these artists ...
  • 8th Theatre Olympics Festivities: Jammu will host 11 performances from March 22

    ... School of Drama (NSD) under the aegis of Ministry of Culture, Government of India with the support of J & K Academy of Art, Culture and Language. ... “This festival is an opportunity for us to bring our cultural heritage to the world platform,” said Rakesh Singh, Chief Coordinator Jammu Chapter.
  • Jammu to host 11 performances of 8th Theatre Olympics Festivities from Mar 22

    “Jammu is ready to host the 8th Theatre Olympics – the largest international theatre festival to be held in India for the first time,” Abdul Latif Khatana, ... by the National School of Drama (NSD) under the aegis of Ministry of Culture, Govt of India with the support of J&K Academy of Art, Culture & Language.
  • JYOTI BHATT: Weaving Symbols of Indian Culture

    Bhatt began documenting the folk and tribal culture of rural India in the summer of 1967 as an assignment. His travels, visiting villages and tribal regions, photographing folk arts and craft traditions in their original environments along with the people who inhabited these spaces, brought him close to ...

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