Naomi Watts stars in the 2022 American remake of Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala’s 2014 psychological horror film Goodnight Mommy. John Boyega stars in the thriller Breaking as Brian Brown-Easley, a Marine Corps veteran who threatens to blow up a Wells Fargo bank so as to obtain money he’s owed from Veterans Affairs. B.J. Novak takes the podcast-fashion thriller to the big display screen in his directorial debut, starring as a new York-primarily based journalist who travels to Texas to investigate a disappearance. The photorealistic background artwork contrasts modernity with midcentury, postwar structure, but Ishida’s direction doesn’t obsess over realism. When the English-language remake was introduced for Goodnight Mommy, the most important query looming was whether the brand new movie would go as arduous and finish as nihilistically as the original. With the English-language remakes The Ring and Funny Games underneath her belt, Watts may have appeared like a straightforward choice for the lead of yet another American reboot of a global horror hit.

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