Mattress Stores in Chicago

5 Mattress Stores in Chicago

If you’re looking for a new mattress, Chicago has a wide range of stores that sell mattresses. You can choose from a range of brand names and models, or you can try out a variety of models. A lot of these stores allow you to try out different mattresses to make sure that they’re the best fit for you.


Costco has a variety of mattress stores in the Chicago area. They provide free delivery and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Costco will replace or refund your mattress if they are not satisfied. To return your mattress, just call the store or warehouse and the customer service representatives will handle the return. To ensure that your membership card is valid the customer service representative will need your card before accepting your mattress.

Costco is well-known for its low prices and wide selection of products. There aren’t any visually appealing displays in Costco however, you will discover the most affordable products imaginable. The CEO of the company is referred to as the price shopper and is known for offering amazing value for money.

Costco’s mattress stores are an excellent place to get a great night’s sleep. Most people spend over a third of their day sleeping, so the right mattress is crucial to their health and well-being. Costco has a wide selection of mattresses to fit every budget and taste. The store has a mattress shopping guide that can help you choose the right one for you.

The Tempur-Pedic mattresses are renowned for their premium memory foam and apex-like comfort layers. Costco provides a variety of sizes and shapes of Tempur-Pedic mattresses. These mattresses are perfect for those who sleep on their backs, side sleepers, as well as those suffering from back pain. Some models have gel-infused memory foam.


Havertys Mattress Stores Chicago has a wide selection of mattress types and styles. The store features innerspring, hybrid, memory foam, and foam mattresses from the top brands. Havertys also sells affordable mattresses. You can even finance your purchase.

The chain has several locations throughout the Midwest. They offer free estimates as well as 24-hour service. Customers can also browse their inventory online. Havertys was established in 1885 and expanded over the years. They had 17 stores across the U.S. by 1908, including nine in Chicago.

Havertys sells name-brand mattresses at affordable prices. They also sell bedding and other kitchen accessories. If you are you looking for more information in regards to mattress world locations chicago look at our own site. Many customers have bought high-end mattresses at Havertys while on a budget. The furniture is available in a variety of prices, from sectionals up to $4500. Most pieces are custom-made and come with a warrantee.

In addition to Havertys, other local mattress stores in Chicago offer mattresses. You can purchase a mattress online or visit a brick-and-mortar store. While sales in stores are declining however, many people prefer to purchase mattresses in person. If you’re seeking to buy a new mattress, make sure to visit your local Havertys or American Mattress stores.

Havertys was founded in Atlanta in 1885 in Atlanta. J.J. Haverty founded it. He was an untried young man who witnessed Atlanta burn during Civil War and had lived in poverty. To start the business with his brother Michael, he and J.J. Michael believed that Atlanta was worth $600. Although the company grew, profits fell a little. The company expanded to Richmond (Virginia) and Augusta (Georgia). In 1946, the son of Clarence Haverty Rawson Haverty was appointed corporate secretary and expanded the business to new locations.

The purchase of a mattress at a local retailer is a great idea because you’ll be supporting local businesses and the local economy. It is crucial to spend the time to research all types of mattresses. There are also memory foam, organic hybrid, as well as other innerspring mattresses. You can even get a free trial to see the mattress that is suitable for you, if you are concerned about the price.


IKEA is a Scandinavian furniture and homewares chain. These stores are warehouse-like and offer furniture that is ready to assemble. The stores also have mattresses as well as a variety of bed frames. Many locations offer free delivery. Chicago is home to many locations.

IKEA also sells kitchenware as well as dining room furniture. Flatware, dinnerware, as well as glassware are all available at IKEA. In addition, you can purchase patio furniture and charcoal grills. They also have shelves and other accessories. There are basic designs and shapes as well as larger units with additional accessories.

IKEA stores in Chicago can help you find the perfect mattress for you. They offer a variety of mattresses, and they also offer mattress toppers in various sizes to suit your needs. If you’re looking to purchase a medium, soft, or firm mattress, you can find it at one of the IKEA’s locations.

There is a wide selection of IKEA mattresses in any store whether you’re searching for a latex, air, foam, latex or hybrid mattress. You can buy them in-store or buy them on the internet. You can purchase an item to be delivered. The stores carry a wide range of mattresses made from foam, latex blend and spring materials. You can even apply for financing or try out the mattress for free trial period to make sure it’s the perfect fit.

IKEA has more than 400 locations. They offer hybrid, latex, and foam mattresses. There are no delivery fees, and you can return them for free if not satisfied. There are many brands available, including Sealy, Tempur-Pedic and Stearns.

Mattress Firm

The Mattress Firm in Chicago, IL is a renowned retailer of quality mattresses and bed frames. The company offers a broad assortment of products that are branded in a a friendly and comfortable environment. Customers can be assured of excellent service and value for their money from the expertly trained sales staff. Mattress Firm also offers special financing options, as well as free shipping on orders above $499. Mattress Firm has multiple locations throughout the Chicago area.

Mattress Firm is known for offering high-quality mattresses at affordable prices. Its wide-ranging locations and pickup and delivery services allow you to purchase a quality mattress without costing a fortune. There are many mattresses available to suit every budget. The Chicago Mattress Firm offers four types of mattresses each with its own advantages.

The Mattress Firm in Chicago also provides bedroom furniture and accessories. The bedding section of the company provides a range of options that include traditional comforters as well as bedding with sports teams. The company also sells bedding that can be adapted to different designs. The company’s website offers many deals on bedding accessories and bedding linens.

Steinhoff International, the second largest furniture retailer in the world, is also the subject of controversy. Steinhoff is currently the focus of a massive criminal investigation, however the investigation is not linked to money laundering. In fact, a former Steinhoff executive has written about the firm’s South African operations.

There are many benefits to choosing a Chicago Mattress Firm. Its website can help you compare prices, reviews and other information about the different stores in the area. There is even a store in Chicago that offers next-day delivery.

Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club offers a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. This means you can test a new mattress without having to worry about making mistakes. If the mattress isn’t satisfactory the store will refund the purchase cost and replace it with a new one. Sam’s is not responsible for shipping and delivery costs. If you do decide to return the mattress, take it back to the store within 30 days of purchase and present the receipt. Online returns are also a possibility. Online purchases have a different return policy, so be sure you read the policy thoroughly.

Sam’s Club offers memory foam mattresses in addition to traditional spring mattresses. These mattresses are ideal for back support and offer extra comfort. They work well with a box spring since the layers of foam keep the mattress from sliding. In addition mattresses from Sam’s Club are similar to Casper and Zinus mattresses that are excellent alternatives to gel mattresses. A memory foam mattress can help ease back pain and is also great for people who have pets.

Sam’s Club is a discount warehouse retailer that focuses on selling brand name products at better prices. It offers everything from memory foam to innerspring and hybrid mattresses. You can pick from twin full, full, and King sizes. The store offers mattresses from top-quality manufacturers, including Serta, Beautyrest, Tempur-Pedic, and Zinus Night Therapy.

Sam’s Club also offers foam mattresses, innerspring mattresses, water mattresses and hybrid mattresses. It offers a variety of brands, including Serta, the Tempurpedic Night Therapy, as well as Sleep Innovation. It offers free delivery and returns, as well as a 90-day free trial and money-back guarantee.