The widespread PCB board materials is generally FR4, Aluminum, Rogers, FPC/Rigid-Flex, the thickness of the board from 0.2mm to 4.8mm; In addition, the solder mask utilizing the most common solder mask or the photosensitive green solder mask also has a certain influence on the value. The PCB materials is different, the pcb board price can be totally different. Some substrate and laminate PCB materials completely different, if high efficiency needed, then your supplies price will likely be dearer than others. All these in a PCB board, it could trigger a big distinction on the pcb board price and pcb assembly cost. Different sizes of PCB board lead to completely different pcb board costs, that is to say, the larger material needed to make a PCB, the dearer it is going to be. On the contrary, it can low value pcb assembly. The number of PCB layers immediately impacts the pcb board worth. The extra layers, the dearer. Most the excessive-speed PCB are typically multilayer layers. PCB layers are totally different, PCB cost and PCB assembly price will also be different. The differences between the surface treatment process will also have an effect on the pcb board price and pcb assembly value. Common surface finish: HASL with lead, HASL lead free, Immersion gold (ENIG), OSP, Printed Circuit Board Hard gold, Immersion silver (Ag), ENEPIG, and a few mixture process, and many others., the above differences in each process have great influence on the worth, reminiscent of ENIG process is more expensive than HASL with lead. Different structure of vias has completely different pcb board value. Similar to, the price of via gap vias will be decrease than back drilling, the again drilling price is decrease than the blind/ buried vias, the worth of the small measurement gap is higher than the big one, and so forth.The more vias on the PCB board, the costlier it will be. PCB Complexity means fabrication problem, a PCB with 0.3mm holes and less than 0.2mm holes, then the two specifications of the hole will kind completely different drilling prices.If the holes are smaller than 0.15mm, like 0.1mm, then laser drilling is needed, which is costlier than mechanical drilling.And the min track/spacing additionally affect the value, for instance, normally many PCB manufacturers normal track width is 4mil, and the shopper requires it to be 2.5mil. On this case, the worth will certainly be much increased.Moreover, some circuit board shouldn’t be a conventional course of, reminiscent of half gap, buried blind gap, Via in pad/ Via filled with resin, carbon mask, impedance control and edge Plating and so on, this sort of design also enhance the associated fee. Common copper thickness: 1/2oz, 1OZ, 2OZ, 3OZ, 4OZ, and so forth., the upper thickness of the copper, the dearer the board shall be. The generally used high quality acceptance standards for patrons are: IPC2, IPC3, navy customary and so forth. The upper requirements, the dearer the board will be. In the event you require printed circuit board –, fast prototyping and manufacturing to fulfill your deadlines, some PCB factories can present expedited service for fabrication (like our UETPCB, we can provide expedited 12H,24H,48H manufacturing service), then the pcb asembly price will be totally different. The more quantity of PCB, the cheaper it is going to be. That’s why, the unit price of PCB prototype cost is always increased than the mass production, as a result of more quantity will share the engineering price, labor value and so on.