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Functionality of the Telegram channel “Crypto pump signals for Binance”

How to use the “Crypto pump signals for Binance” VIP channel

Instructions for using the information posted in the VIP channel (both for manual trading and using the Cornix automatic trading signals free bot)

Affiliate program: Invite friends and get rewarded to your BTC wallet

How to get a personal discount for a VIP subscription?

Traders’ feedback on using the VIP channel “Crypto pump signals for Binance”

Functionality of the Telegram channel “Crypto pump signals for Binance”

Let’s say you subscribed to the public channel “Crypto pump signals for Binance” (You can go to this right now link and get acquainted with it in detail) and do not understand trading signals free what kind of graphs are published in it. Now I’ll tell you. The basis of the content of the Telegram channel is the publication of screenshots, which show the charts of the coins in which the subscribers of the VIP channel invested and were able to earn on “pump trading signals”. In the screenshots, you can observe one or several pumps in a row, that is, sharp “price jumps”, these very jumps in the value of digital tokens are shown by tall green candles.

crypto pump signals

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