Ear Stapling for shedding weight has skyrocketed in recognition as an alternative to assist those working to lose weight. Ear stapling for shedding weight calls for inserting a staple in the ear (apparently a stomach acupuncture point). Ear stapling for losing weight is akin to getting your ears pierced, but with, perhaps, a little more pain.


The function of ear stapling is to help ease hunger pains, decrease appetite and assist in fat loss. With so many Americans increasingly becoming overweight each year, it’s no wonder a great number of individuals are turning to alternate choices for weight reduction.

The staples, which are left in your ears for several months or more, supposedly curb the appetite of yours, leading to loss of weight. As one person that is happy claimed “Overall, I do not eat so much and I do not want so much so, I suppose I would think it over a good results for me however, the surgeon did tell us that there is a portion that it wouldn’t have any impact on, and also I noticed that this will wear off and so in case you do not possess some kind of lifestyle changes in place by that time, I bet the weight will arrive back.”

It’s prematurely at this stage to examine statistical data, nonetheless, it is going to be nice to hear if it’s or hasn’t been an enormous factor in weight loss of all the users. As acupuncturist Stan Guillory states “I’ve handled aproximatelly 600 individuals in the past four months and just aproximatelly 10 to 15 percent haven’t lost weight.”

pros and Cons Of Ear Stapling For Weight Loss

As ear stapling for weight loss becomes ever more popular, it’s crucial seeing that men and women understand the positives and alpilean walmart (psychology.iastate.edu) drawbacks from this process.