I’m extremely excited to talk about my applying for grants the Lovense Lush 3 App-Controlled Vibrating Love Egg with Cara Sutra visitors in this evaluation, as despite some community Lovense evaluations here on the blog, I haven’t ever tried a Lovense masturbator myself before. I understand… shocking, right?! Lovense are well-known for producing high-tech, Bluetooth allowed/app-controlled adult toys which offer intensely erotic long distance (and even public, if you dare) intimate play options.

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The Lovense Lush 3 arrived in Lovehoney’s usual discreet & sturdy external wrap for the post, as the toy itself will be provided in a cleanly developed package. There’s information regarding the plaything and the related Android/Apple app on the back, while the bottom provides the company information.

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What’s In The Container

Inside the package you find the Lovense Lush 3 in a moulded insert, underneath which is a storage pouch, USB/magnetic charging lead and a coupe of little instruction leaflets (complete & quick-start).

Instruction Manuals

Click on the pictures above then utilize the arrow keys to scroll between. There’s both a full manual and a quick-start guide, both which are helpful with regards to getting to know your brand-new Lovense Lush 3 and learning how to begin playing.

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Charging up the Lovense Lush 3 is good and bustymilftube.com/beautiful/ easy; use the included lead in any USB port. The other end has magnetic places which put on the corresponding metal dots on the vibrator.

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I prefer to use the USB ports on my laptop within the office, or my multi-USB to mains adaptor connect while in the bedroom. They are SO handy and can be picked up easily from online stores (click to browse a range: UK / USA).

There is just one button on the Lovense Lush 3, and it’s on the end of the non-insertable arm. You press and contain the button to turn it on. You’ll experience a short buzz from the vibrator and a crimson LED flashes to show that the Lush 3 is active and ready to use/set with Bluetooth.

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You can operate the Lovense Lush 3 through the use of simply the button on the toy, but obviously it’s quite fiddly carrying it out in this manner! Press the button repeatedly to discover the 7 functions obtainable with this vibrator. There are constant vibration settings/speeds as well as various patterns to enjoy.

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The much easier and http://bustymilftube.com/deepthroat therefore my preferred way of operating the Lush 3 will be via the app.


Yes, the Lovense Lush 3 is definitely controllable by an app, which is one of if not the main pull of the vibrator. Download the Lovense Remote app free of charge from the Apple store or Search engines Play (tip: check you possess the proper app by comparing the icon compared to that on the trunk of the container).

You can pair your Lush 3 with your mobile device as soon as you’ve activated the toy and it’s in pairing mode, as explained above. Adhere to the instructions on the app and you ought to be able to pair your brand-new toy without any problems.

Below you’ll look for a collage of a few of my screenshots from the app, during use – click to open the picture full-size.

As you can observe, there are plenty of features available in the Lovense Remote app that you wouldn’t be able to enjoy through the button about the toy by itself. It’s also therefore much easier and more comfortable to regulate the Lush 3 with the app, so it’s strongly recommended.

Insertion & Operation

The Lovense Lush 3 App-Controlled Vibrating Love Egg is made with superb high quality silicone, therefore with a splash of water-structured lubricant it had been easy and comfortable to insert. Before popping it inside of, be sure you press and hold the button therefore it’s in pairing setting.

As mentioned above, the Lovense app can make operation of the Lush 3 extremely simple, which adds to the enjoyment of the complete experience. Starting a self-love program battling Bluetooth connection or a complicated app isn’t the very best! Consequently, I had been delighted to get the Lovense app both easy to shape & operate, and the toy linked to the app via Bluetooth without any issues.


At first, I attempted the Lovense Lush 3 with the ‘tail’ curved around at the front end of my vulva, therefore the finish pointed up towards my tummy. I was hoping that I’d experience some vibrating stimulation through this region over my clitoris, but in actuality the tail/stem settled too much aside rather than keeping over my clit, actually inside my underwear. There wasn’t much vibration to end up being felt through this area in any case, it’s concentrated within the internally used, egg-shaped portion of the toy which retains the motor.

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I actually found that twisting the Lush 3 inside so the exterior tail part confronted back and nestled over my perineum/pointed up towards the crack of my arse was much comfier. Especially when wearing/making use of the Lush 3 while sitting down, as I enjoyed performing on many occasions. What a way to spice up working from house…

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Making use of The App

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Being able to control the vibrations in the app was fantastic – no messing about down my knickers trying to find buttons and switch on/off. The plaything remained linked throughout all my sessions with the Lovense Lush 3 App-Controlled Vibrating Like Egg and I enjoyed experimenting with the various features – regular vibrations, different styles and producing my own design etc.

As usual, my favourite vibrating function may be the constant vibe – I find patterns therefore teasing they cross into ‘annoying’ territory for me personally, which isn’t arousing at just about all. As I’ve written about previously here on your blog, I don’t tend to orgasm from vaginal penetration, and unfortunately that has been the situation with the Lush 3. Without any clitoral stimulation out of this masturbator, I can’t orgasm using only this gadget, in the manner intended – inner vaginal stimulation.

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Using The Lush 3 In Public

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That mentioned, it’s amazingly quiet for this type of powerfully vibrating, multi-function, app-managed vaginal love egg, so I can see why it’s among the (if not the) most popular toys to use for kinky fun in public areas. You can hand over control to a partner if you dare, or simply enjoy putting on a sex toy that you can discreetly activate whenever and wherever you select.

I’d probably save switching on the vibes for an outdoor space like a recreation area, or perhaps a noisy café, rather than silent train carriage or hushed library, personally. Although it’s quiet, it’s not certainly silent, therefore you’d have to judge the environment and how daring you feel at that time!

I haven’t summoned the courage to utilize the Lush 3 in public yet – maybe one day…

How It Feels

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The Lovense Lush 3 feels tasty and delightful during use. Despite not having the ability to orgasm using just the Lush 3 alone, it’s nevertheless an extremely fun toy to utilize when spicing up my everyday duties and chores, or if we want to kink up couple’s have fun with by handing him control of the app/toy during the day or in foreplay.

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This is a superb quality toy with many outstanding functions. I love the app, the plaything is made with high quality, body-safe materials, it’s completely waterproof, comfortable during use and the vibrations range from as gentle as you need, to very powerful for a vaginal love egg.

There’s furthermore scope to consider your vaginal vibe thrills outdoors, if you are braver than I’m. The Lovense toys like the Lush 3 are extremely favored by cam young ladies and on general public enjoy porn clips, and it’s easy to understand why. Easy and efficient to utilize (in the event that you get off from vaginal stim) and simple operation with instant ‘off’ when required, for incredibly kinky public play.

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Although We don’t orgasm utilizing the Lovense Lush 3 alone, I can still appreciate what a fantastic masturbator this will be. For individuals who do climax from vaginal stimulation, I think this toy will be just what you’re searching for to get masturbation (solo or partnered, private or community) to the next level.

It has a high price but you’re spending money on the tech mixed up in app control, and also the many available and customisable features. This is a best spec, thoughtfully designed vaginal vibrator that will bring endless delight to vaginal vibe fans.

Unfortunately, as I don’t orgasm from just vaginal stimulation, I’m struggling to supply the Lush 3 full marks. It has been a hard review to write, because it’s my own body and the way it functions which has intended the Lush 3 was unsuccessful in making me orgasm – it wasn’t due to any fault or flaw of the vibrator. Therefore I have reluctantly awarded it a fairly deceiving 7/10, but with the data this is a gamechanger stimulation gadget in somebody else’s toybox.