The principles and Rules for the Micro-enterprise Loan Program/Business Incentive Mortgage Program was adopted by Metropolis Council as Special Ordinance 26604 and offers extensive guidance on this program. That doc is incorporated into the rules and Regulations for the Small Business Growth Mortgage Program included in the Resource Guide and is integrated herein as Coverage for the Micro-enterprise Loan Program/Business Incentive Loan Program.

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We consider in accountable lending and only provide mortgage terms that you would be able to comfortably repay. We understand that sometimes in life, things happen. You may need overlooked a bill or been in tough situations leading to a default on your credit score file and credit rating. Unlike the old credit reviews, we use Complete Credit score Report statements to see your credit score hevaiour for the final 24 months and your positive constructive repayment history. This fashion, you get access to flexible terms if you apply for our quick cash loans or line of credit.

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