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Does Your Orgasm Make You Sleepy?If you’re feeling sleepy after intercourse — and this is very true for سكس سوسن بدر males — it may be more than just the results of physical exertion. After we orgasm, our bodies are flooded with hormones together with prolactin, oxytocin, gamma-amino-butyric acid (and extra), which all contribute to that drained feeling.

Making use of YourselfIn September 2007, Fb announced a brand new initiative called the fbFund, which is a grant program meant to encourage third-celebration utility improvement. Developers who have not obtained every other formal funding for his or her applications could apply for a grant starting from $25,000 to $250,000 to construct their companies on the Facebook platform [source: Facebook press release].

Whether it’s WMDs (weapons of mass destruction) or GTL (gym, tan, laundry), tv has given common culture many acronyms. Most civilians didn’t know what a M*A*S*H unit was until Hawkeye and Trapper John got here alongside. A few years in the past, crime scene investigators have been, nicely, crime scene investigators. At the moment, they’re CSIs. The Country Music Awards are actually the CMAs. “Sex and town” was so fashionable that individuals began referring to it as SATC. On the planet of “Jersey Shore,” MIA stands for Miami; MVP means Mike, Vinny, Pauly; and DTS stands for right down to snuggle. Of course you can’t do anything before you GTL.