In their first venture into the Serpentshrine Cavern the raiding Horde of Der Harte Kern and Divide et Impera on EU Norgannon not only managed to outlive the first trashpacks but in addition had been in a position to throw The Lurker Under into the (wet) dust. Progression has stalled, too, for at the least a few months. They’re a casual guild with just a few hardcore gamers, together with the Gurubashi Champion himself. That is a reasonably excessive stage of trolling — appears like the trolls have even formed a guild referred to as Wtf is Apotheosis Anyway. The Kinsmen on Moon Guard-H is recruiting all classes stage 70 for Karazhan and ZA. They’re recruiting an Elemental and Resto Shammy, SPriest, Bear tank, and a Resto or Boomkin Druid. If you are a Priest, Warrior or Druid that likes to kill Monsters on the internet, or not one of the above, but damned good at it, it’s best to look them up.