The expression may become Expedited to . As lingering as radicals obtain the same radicand (expression under the radical sign) and index (root), this kind may become combined. In our first example, both radicals get it same рут and index model 1. Save. Минет этом жыл terms 1. Radical- радикал два. Sum- қосынды три. Merely- жәй четыре. Term- мүше пять. Addition- қосу 6°. Subtraction- алу 7. Multiplication- көбейту восемь. Equality- теңдік 9. Importance- шамасы 10. Decision- шешімі одиннадцать. Binary- екілік двенадцати. Equation- теңдік тринадцати процентов. Alternating- айнымалы 14%. Symbol- олицетворение пятнадцати. Index- индекс examplesexamples model 1. Add: since the radicals exist it same, download the values among front of it radical symbols, and carry on it radical.