21. Objectives OF THE Study:  To check the impact of micro finance in empowering the social financial standing of ladies and creating of social entrepreneurship.  To know about relationship between SHG’s members, micro finance banks and entrepreneur’s girls.  To clarify the limitation of microfinance programmes because the tool for women’s empowerment and the kind of assist service mandatory to maximise the contribution of microfinance service.  To review potential hurdles in the development of ladies entrepreneurship

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– Firstly, when the poor or unemployed individuals are given the microloan, the curiosity fee is not the number one concern for them. It’s as a result of first of all, the interest rate is a simple interest price. So regardless of how high it becomes, it doesn’t concern them.

– Secondly, the microloan must be paid off inside a short period of time, round 30 weeks. In consequence, the curiosity rate doesn’t become an enormous quantity. For example, if $10,000 needs to be paid off inside 20 years and the curiosity fee is round 30%; the curiosity could be havoc (i.e. $60,000 in simple interest). But if the duration is 30 weeks, the interest can be meager (i.e. $625 in easy interest).

Now let’s perceive why the interest charges for ソフト闇金えびす microfinance loans are so excessive.

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