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Many people believe that HSV-2 is extra dangerous than HSV-1, but that is not true. In actual fact, some researchers argue that HSV-1 is extra harmful because it is extra prevalent. Both sorts of herpes can cause fevers and swollen lymph nodes. Urinating can be extraordinarily painful when having an outbreak of HSV-2 because the urine hits the open sores. HSV-1 infections may unfold to the eyes (herpes keratitis), جروبات سكس واتس face and chest (herpes gladiatorum), and fingers and thumbs (herpetic Whitlow). In rare instances, it could unfold to the brain and trigger herpes encephalitis or Molliet’s meningitis, types of mind inflammation that can lead to demise. There was some analysis associating herpes simplex viruses with Alzheimer’s and Bell’s palsy, though definitive links have not but been proved.

Television has typically set the agenda over what is politically correct to say. When country music’s Dixie Chicks blasted President George W. Bush in 2003 for going to battle in Iraq, conservative pundits Ann Coulter and Bill O’Reilly known as the group’s remarks “treasonous,” a view shared by many others [source: Rodriguez].

In myYearbook’s “Our Story” section, the founders describe MySpace as “creepy.” Perhaps the founders have been alluding to the fact that there are websites like MyDeathSpace that doc sordid and tragic occurrences within the lives of MySpace members. Or possibly it’s a reference to a story about MySpace eradicating greater than 90,000 profiles belonging to registered intercourse offenders within the United States [source: The Sidney Morning Herald]. Whatever the motive, it’s clear that the founders of myYearbook plan to pull no punches.