Cryptocurrency trading There is a saying in crypto society, cryptocurrency that those who deals Futures might not deals Spots, but those who deals Spots will evantually touches Futures. From which we may discover how great is the attraction of blockchain towards investors. Futures has become a hot product in recent years, plentiful of relative products and functions comes along, and amoung all,ExchangeMaster Copy Trading system might be the top of the favour list.As senior players, we have studied numerous service on copy trading in this market, and Dcoin’s exchange Master Copy Trading has caught our attention. Many of you may know, Dcoin exchange has been very active arround the world since 2018, including Swiss, Korea, Singapore and China (Mainland/Hong Kong/Taiwan). This brand has been established for a very long time, and is well known for its expertness and rich funding background. There is one particular feature which made them even more special, comparing to other crypto exchanges, Dcoin only operate Futures and Spots, there’s no DEFI and financial managing. This special feature has explained why Dcoin exchangeremains stable and steady during the serial incident caused by AEX.Here are the 5 outstanding feature about Dcoin’s Master Copy Trading1. Nice Profit Sharing RatioThe profit sharing ratio for Trade Leaders are fixed at 10%, which is relatively higher than other exchange platforms, forming a win-win situation between Leaders and Followers.We noticed that there is a setting about adjusting profit sharing ratio, this represent that Dcoin might let Leaders to adjust profit sharing ratio themselves in the future!2. Clear & Simple interfaceThe first version of Master Copy Trading is very simple, no lavish decorations has made users easier to focus on datas, which matters most.3. Big Support on TrafficsDcoin is promoting Master Copy Trading on all kinds of media, including but not limit to AMA, head medias, exclusive poster designs and official social medias, support Trade Leaders with great traffics.4. Transparent Data SupportLeaders may check real time follower numbers and their Futures profiting condition, for a better idea on adjusting investment strategies later on.5. High SafetyDcoin exchange is the first financial level digital asset derivatives trading platform, and has been operating safely and stably for 5 years, and as mentioned before that they only operate Futures and Spots, 交易所 the risk are relatively smaller than other exchanges.Here’s all real unboxing evaluation on Dcoin’sexchange Master Copy Trading, make the right choice, enjoy bear market everyday.