Since you will not want to worry about charging batteries on a keyboard, one that is powered by the solar may be useful. Acquired a type of WordPress blogs? While you are hiking, you may even speak to that Siri lady and she’ll take down your notes like my previous secretary Mabel used to do back at the munitions plant. When you get to wherever you’re organising camp for the night, you may whereas away the hours cleaning up her dictation. Dear Uncle TUAW: What’s one of the best technique to weblog while backpacking? Charge up the battery pack by hand-cranking it, then use it to charge your iPhone whereas you are making an attempt to sleep at evening with all of those different pilgrims snoring round you. I might love to maintain household and buddies updated on our trek by blogging on the journey, however since we want to keep our backpacks at less than 14 lbs. That’s all I’ll say about hardware, which referred to nuts and bolts in my earlier days, however what about running a blog software program?

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