1: Barbie

The Barbie doll got here in just one design when she was first released in 1959 — a “teenage vogue model” sporting a simple black and white bikini. Despite the doll’s simplicity, bioskop keren she was well managed, with the Barbie title and image licensed to greater than a hundred companies by the 1960s [source: Rogers]. At just over 50 years after she was introduced, Barbie has grown to grow to be one of the most important toy franchises on this planet, with product licenses in more than 45 different categories of consumer products, from toys, clothes video video games, branded stores and so far more [supply: Barbie Media]. Despite stiff competitors, Barbie stays the No. 1 doll brand on the earth, with one offered each three seconds somewhere across the globe [supply: Barbie Media]. By 2014, the Barbie brand was pulling in a formidable $3 billion a 12 months, and the company was in talks with Sony to provide its first stay-motion theatrical release [supply: Fleming].

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Tarantino has gone on to direct 9 films in his profession, and every one has been a standout in its own method. Although themes may be repeated and he’s fond of using the same actors, many times, every movie has been its personal unique masterpiece that is incredibly rewatchable and pleasant.