Peppa Pig: Daddy, why was she known as that? Peppa Pig: Mummy, Daddy, sit down. Peppa Pig: And Rebecca. Mummy Pig: Children, it’s time to decide who has the most effective fancy gown costume. Mummy Pig: Peppa, if you retain talking, Daddy Pig can’t begin the story. Peppa Pig: Sorry, George. Peppa Pig: Are you hungry, Mr Skinnylegs? Peppa Pig: (as Mr Skinnylegs) Hiya, Mr Daddy Pig. Peppa Pig: That’s funny. Mummy Pig: Never thoughts, George. Mummy Pig: Good thought, Peppa. Grandpa Pig: Hi there, Peppa, George. Narrator: George is simply too full to eat something extra. Narrator: Peppa and George are having a fancy costume social gathering. Narrator: Peppa is making a tea social gathering for the doll household. They’re having a tea celebration. Mummy Pig: If Daddy Pig tells you a narrative, it’s essential to both promise to go to sleep. Mummy Pig: But somebody is.

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