The whole lot mentioned so far is an extrapolation from existing expertise, and these extra mature applications are possible inside fifty years or so. What concerning the far future? This is likely the place nanotechnology is available in. Think about sporting a nanosuit that matches like a second skin however that’s made from programmable and reconfigurable materials. It will possibly kind any mundane bodily object you might want, on command. Essentially, the swimsuit can be every device ever made.

Using barcode technology has been identified as a means of enhancing the administration phase of treatment use by confirming a patient’s medication at bedside to make sure the 5 rights of remedy administration – the correct drug, dose, time, route, and affected person.Eleven Upon admission to the hospital, all patients are given a barcode wristband. Earlier than administration of a treatment, the nurse scans each the armband and a barcode on the remedy. The BCMA know-how confirms that the nurse is administering the medicine accurately to the right affected person. If the remedy or patient is inaccurate, the nurse is notified, giving him or her a chance to right the error prior to giving the treatment.

These days, there are a ton of websites the place you possibly can monitor the movements of cruise ships on varied voyages. However how about tracking your own movements on a ship as its plying the seas? A triathlete and blogger who calls himself DC Rainmaker wrote in 2011 that, while on his honeymoon cruise, he became interested by how his each day runs on the ship’s circular 10-laps-to-a-mile operating observe would look on a GPS map, EHR Software for Multiple Branches the reason that ship also can be shifting.