Kraaijenbrink, T., van Driem, G. L., Opgenort, J. R. M. L., Tuladhar, N. M. & de Knijff, P. Allele frequency distribution for 21 autosomal STR loci in Nepal. Neighbor Joining dendogram constructed from Nepali speaking group from Sikkim along with the tribal population of Lepchas and Bhutias26 and high altitude native inhabitants from Ladakh, particularly the Buddhists27 (who also belong to Tibeto-Burman linguistic phyla) primarily based on allele frequency info from 9 STR markers, did not cluster the Gorkhas with excessive altitude native (Buddhist) population from Ladakh or with Lepchas and Bhutias or Nepali speaking group of Sikkim (Fig. 3), indian army bharti rally 2016 which in all chance could replicate separate migration historical past. It’s worthwhile to say right here that low bootstrap value between Gorkhas and Nepalese was noticed in the phylogenetic tree (Fig. 1) created by software program POPTREE223. Nevertheless, additional estimation of relatedness between the 2 populations by pair wise Fst values computed by Arlequin model 3.5 software24 (Table 2), Nei’s DA distance matrix obtained by POPTREE223 (Table 3) as well as placement of populations in PCA plot created by Previous software program package25 (Fig. 2) substantiated the relatedness of the studied populations.