If you want your morning cup of java, you in all probability have spent coffee grounds in your kitchen. They do make an excellent addition to your yard compost pile if you have one. In any other case, you can even apply espresso grounds and удобрения для огорода (http://wiki.darkusblack.com) even black coffee on to many plants. The grounds work like mulch and add organic matter to the soil.

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So let’s look on the remaining two components: air resistance and axle friction. Your son’s idea is interesting. For instance that you might design a automobile in order that it actually flew; with the wheels simply off the bottom, axle friction would fall to zero. Any wing that generates lift additionally generates drag in the method (see How Airplanes Work for particulars). So the question becomes, “Which is worse — the aerodynamic drag of the wing or the friction of the axles?” The only manner to find out the reply definitively would be by means of experiments, and these experiments would be powerful without very sensitive and specialised equipment. Or you would have to construct quite a few cars and see how they performed in contrast to one another.