Best Mattress Stores in Chicago

The Best Mattress Stores in Chicago

This guide will help you locate the top Chicago mattress stores, regardless of whether you’re looking for an entirely new mattress. This guide will help you learn about the different types of mattresses available in Chicago and where to find them and which ones are best. We’ll talk about Tempur-Pedic and Mattress Firm in this article.


IKEA Mattress Stores Chicago have many options for you, whether you’re looking for an entirely new mattress or a solution to upgrade your current bedding. The Scandinavian furniture and homewares chain is well-known for its warehouse-like interiors and ready-to-assemble items. The mattress store is equally valuable as the furniture or household items.

IKEA has two stores within the Chicago metropolitan area. It is the third-largest city in the United States and is located just south of Lake Michigan. There are more than twelve IKEA stores nationwide. They stock a variety of pillows and mattresses at every location.

The company is known for its low prices. They are also well-organized and budget-conscious. They are constantly working on new products and lower their costs. This means that you could save between 2 and 3 percent on a mattress. But be cautious about the ethics of the company. You may want to look elsewhere if one or more of its founders have been found guilty for money laundering.

IKEA is an Swedish company that started selling furniture in 1943. Its goal is to offer affordable furniture that is of high-quality for your home. From seating and storage units to linens and beds, IKEA has something for every room.

Mattress Firm

Mattress Firm is headquartered in Addison (Illinois). However the company has changed locations every seven years, mostly because the founders learned the hard way that opening too many stores is not the best idea. They don’t want their business to be overwhelmed by competition. According to IbisWorld the number of mattresses sold in the U.S. for mattress units was at its peak a decade back. Analysts expect that number to rise again.

Although the company provides many different mattresses, it’s important that you consider your personal preferences when selecting the right mattress. Mattress Firm in Chicago will provide you with a variety of mattresses, meaning you’ll have plenty of options when it comes to finding a good one. In addition to mattresses, the firm also sells bedding and bedroom furniture. For instance, they have sports-themed bedding that matches your current decor. In addition, the firm’s advertisements often include discounts on products from the name brand.

Mattress Firm in Chicago is a top choice for an affordable mattress. They offer a variety of top-quality mattresses and beds. Their stores also offer high-quality salespeople and comfortable surroundings. Additionally, they offer special financing options and free delivery on orders of more than $499. Mattress Firm has multiple locations throughout the Chicago area which makes it easy for you to find the perfect match to your requirements.


When it comes to buying new mattresses, Chicago residents have many choices. Tempur-Pedic Mattress Stores and the Original Tuft & Needle store as well as Macy’s have high-quality innerspring as well as foam mattresses. Macy’s offers a full-refund guarantee on all mattresses.

Tempur-Pedic is renowned for its innovative memory foam technology. They were among the first companies to introduce an all-foam mattress and their most popular model is the 11-inch memory foam mattress. Their Tempur-Adapt technology allows the mattress to conform to the shape of the body which helps relieve pressure points and restricting movement. Mattresses from Tempur-Pedic are sold in retail stores and online.

The Tempur-Adapt mattress is purchased at Tempur-Pedic Mattress Stores in Chicago and Merrillville, Indiana. The company also provides an opportunity to test your sleep to let you know which type of mattress is best for you. The Tempur-Adapt mattresses are available in hybrid and all-foam designs. All-foam models have TEMPUR memory, which adapts to the body’s shape. Hybrid models have pocketsed coils that can be removed for cover.

The most expensive mattress by Tempur-Pedic The Tempur-Breeze is available in both firm and soft styles. The queen-sized models cost $4,399 while the TempurPRObreeze costs $5,399. These mattresses are made from the Tempur-CM+ fabric, which promotes airflow. The Tempur-PRObreeze mattress is also available in all-foam and medium firm varieties.

Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club offers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. The store will replace or refund a mattress within 30 days. The store also offers replacements and refunds for online purchases. The store does not have a time limit for returns however, the manager could reject a return if the mattress is more than two years. Sam’s Club accepts SNAP and EBT cards.

Sam’s Club stocks a wide assortment of mattresses. If you cherished this posting and you would like to receive more information relating to sealy mattress dealers kindly check out our own page. From traditional innersprings to hybrids, waterbeds organic mattresses, and latex, you can find a mattress that meets your requirements. You can even get a free trial and finance options to ensure that you find the right bed for you and your budget.

Sam’s Club has memory foam mattresses that provide comfort and support. These mattresses can be used in conjunction with a box spring and the foam layers aid in airflow. The price is competitive. Sam’s Club also offers similar brands to Casper like Serta or Zinus. Although the mattresses are of similar quality, some customers complain that they’re too firm or don’t feel supported properly.

Sam’s Club has over a dozen different mattress brands that vary in price from cheap to high. These range in size, coils, and support. They also have return policies for all of their mattresses. Sam’s Club is a discount warehouse club with a great selection of products. Apart from mattresses, the store also sells clothing, bulk items, and home goods.


Rent-A-Center Mattress Stores are located in Chicago and offer a wide variety of mattresses and bed frames for rent at reasonable costs. They also offer flexible payment options. Customers can choose to make weekly, biweekly, or monthly payments. This option can help them pay for their new bed on their own terms.

Rent-A-Center also sells appliances, furniture and technology. There are thousands of locations throughout the United States. Children can find fun gadgets to rent at Rent-A-Center. Rent-A-Center even has equipment that you can rent in your home theater. They offer something for everyone in the family.

Rent-A-Center also offers a wide range of mattresses from top brands. These stores are ideal for families or anyone who is looking to save money on a new mattress. The company provides mattresses with different sizes to suit all sleep needs including twin mattresses. Renting a mattress from the Rent-A-Center Chicago store is easy. The store can also arrange delivery to your residence and help you assemble it.

Rent-A-Center Mattress Stores in the Chicago area are a great option to upgrade your bed without spending a fortune. There are numerous locations in Chicago that provide a broad range of mattresses to fit every budget. Rent-A-Center offers flexible payment plans and in-home assembly.


Casper is a well-known box-mattress brand that makes it easy to test a mattress from the comfort of your own home. To give customers the chance to try the entire range, the company has opened 15 pop-up stores. You can also test the nappods in the stores before purchasing. Casper is expanding its international presence and hopes to be a leading name in the mattress industry.

Matt Krim, Casper’s founder said that the company is near to going public and plans to expand its store network. The biggest blunder of the company is that it has opened too many retail stores in a short period of time. The company isn’t as focused on its online business as it should be.

The mattress company has a variety of physical locations across the United States, including Chicago. It sells its mattresses directly to customers and also has pop-up stores at Target and Raymour and Flanigan stores. Customers can also return their product online for a full reimbursement in the event that they are not happy with their purchase.

Since 2004, the company has been selling mattresses on the internet and in retail locations. However, it recently opened its first retail store in NoHo, Manhattan. Anyone looking to purchase a Casper mattress can choose from various options in the 3,000-square foot space. Customers can sleep in pods or test mattresses in a fun and friendly environment that is adorned with funky decor.