The first patent for a motorized cement mixer was granted in 1916. It used picket paddles to stir the cement mixture, купить нанокремний;, but might solely achieve this when the cart wheels were bodily transferring, and it was super gradual. The modern mannequin of concrete mixers was introduced following WWII, during an industrial increase.

So what’s so dangerous about that? For one, fertilizers release nitrous oxide, a potent greenhouse gas, and nitrogen oxide, which reduces the atmosphere’s ability to protect us from ultraviolet radiation and causes smog. Nitrogen runoff from agricultural lands has additionally created algal blooms that create huge useless zones on this planet’s oceans. And finally, Fritz Haber went on to make pioneering advancements in chemical warfare, which prompted many scientists to protest his Nobel Prize in 1918 [source: Simpson].

Surprisingly, the effectiveness of diversity training packages has not usually been measured. But one 2019 examine showed that a one-hour online variety training session conducted at a big corporation might temporarily have improved attitudes round the benefits of variety, but did not impression actual-world habits and outcomes over the long run.

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