The dumb cane is so named because its toxic sap, if ingested, could cause a painful loss of speech. It varieties a thick, green, canelike stem topped off by a cluster of giant, fleshy, oval to lance-shaped leaves frivolously to heavily marbled in white or yellow. The greenish flowers are of little interest.

GIs die in frigid weather in Ardennes: A Sherman tank rolled past another U.S. armored car that has slid off an icy street in the Ardennes on December 20, 1944. Weather was the Allies’ worst handicap during the primary days of the Battle of the Bulge — and the Germans knew it. They intentionally started their attack when poor visibility restricted air help for U.S. floor forces. A lot of the battle’s staggering number of American casualties came about throughout the primary three days. The coldest, snowiest weather that the rugged, mountainous forest had seen in memory took a critical toll on U.S. troops.

Public inquiryTo enhance honest and aggressive markets, USDA is requesting comments and information from the general public in regards to the impacts of focus and market energy in fertilizer, seeds and other agricultural inputs, and retail. The hassle can also be a part of the Biden-Harris Administration’s entire-of-government effort to promote competition, including in agricultural markets.

ammonia is manufactured from nitrogen (air) and hydrogen (made from natural gas, naphtha or удобрения для растений;, coal with steam)

– potassium chloride is mined, and the ore crushed and purified

phosphoric acid is manufactured from phosphate rock (primarily calcium phosphate) and sulfuric acid, the latter having been manufactured from sulfur (obtained from oil and pure gasoline)

triple superphosphate (calcium dihydrogenphosphate) is manufactured from phosphate rock and phosphoric acid

– ammonium nitrate is manufactured from ammonia and nitric acid (itself manufactured from ammonia)

– the ammonium phosphates are produced from phosphoric acid (and ammonia.