About This QuizRevealed at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show, the Honda EV-STER — a concept electric sports activities automobile — appears to have more in common with Tesla’s Roadster than it does with any of Honda’s present models. Do you think you recognize enough about this newest Honda concept to move the check?

In recent times, electric propulsion for boats has been growing in popularity, motivated by each a need to reduce pollution and noise, and by the technology’s promise of being cheaper to operate and easier to maintain. U.S. gross sales of electric outboard motors are expected to nearly double over the next 5 years, from $sixty three million in sales this yr to $120 million in 2024, in keeping with data released in June by the firm Trade Research.

Obviously, the Fiat 500 shouldn’t be for everybody, however in case you are single and watch a sporty, flashy car, site (www.geocraft.xyz) it could be for you. Base models have a very small engine whereas space is limited. As for passengers, well they must be blissful to sit down in a fairly confined space.