It’s even easier to drive on motorways, where the non-compulsory Autopilot system lets the car just about drive itself – offering you keep your hands on the steering wheel. It’ll speed up, brake and steer for you to take care of a secure distance to other vehicles and can even change lane when you point out. As good because it sounds, although, it should set you again a further £6,800.

A comfortably large stable would have sufficient room to offer fatigued reindeer with a spot to sleep as well as contain tools equivalent to flight simulators, treadmills and steering follow platforms. Specifically educated elves would be on-site – – to take care of the reindeer and information them by their coaching workouts.

Loopy, proper? The Ford Taurus could have been the occasional cop automobile back in 2002, however the 2000 Impala was quicker off the line with 205 foot-pounds of torque. Of course, the Ford Explorer was the most powerful of this lot (240 foot-pounds of torque), with the Dodge (190) and the Taurus (185) bringing up the rear.

Truck patrons care about loads of options ranging from drivetrain to torque to fuel economic system and payload capability. If we run down the listing from top to backside, is the future on the aspect of Tesla or has Ford perfected what it means to make a great truck? And in terms of extra obscure things like which truck has the better wheelbase and which has the better seating capability, do you know which firm wins out? Higher take the quiz and discover out for certain!