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“,”variation_id”:6388,”variation_is_{active|energetic|lively}”:true,”variation_is_{visible|seen}”:true,”weight”:””,”weight_html”:”N\/A”,”aurum_{image|picture}”:[]}]”> LED {Color|Coloration|Colour|Shade} Select an option3000K3500K4000K4500K5500K

Finish Choose an optionSilverBlackWhite (+3-4 Days)

Mount Select an optionCeiling MountPendant MountClear

Product Add-ons

Dimmable ($25.00)

5 Year Guarantee ($25.00)

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Searching for a durable, trendy and long run office lighting resolution? This gentle is just the perfect fit! At over 6000 lumens, our seamless LED pendants is not going to solely present ample gentle, but additionally flip your office space into fashionable office. Need over a hundred models? Name us for direct pricing and quotation or use the chat – 1-800-912-9216 .

This gentle can be available in 2 ft, 3 ft, and 5 foot sizes, please contact us for customized sizing. Please remember the fact that normal lead time is 5-10 business days with out delivery due to these having to be assembled on demand. Typically these lights are ordered in bulk and have over 50 attainable variations so it is extremely arduous to maintain all variations in inventory.

Surface & Pendant Mounting

Whether your area has high or low ceilings, you possibly can carry the seamless look into any constructing. Every package deal incorporates each a floor and pendant mounting equipment for optimum flexibility. All configurations include 48 inches of wire/whip included. For custom choices, please contact us instantly.

Pricing Construction:

6-29 Units (15% OFF) – $144.Forty nine

30-fifty five Models (22% OFF) – $132.59

56-99 Units (30% OFF) – $118.99

100+ Items – Email Us


3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 4500K, 5500K

Silver, Black, White (+3-four Days)

Ceiling Mount, Pendant Mount

5 reviews for “Seamless” 4FT Linear Office neon led flex Pendant Gentle

1.Cathy Greenwood – July 12, 2018

We purchased 22 of those lights for our office and couldn’t be more glad. Never had to exchange them for a 12 months now and someone followed up with us to see how effectively they are working (and requested us to assessment the merchandise)

2.Randall Oliver – July 12, 2018

Shiny, efficient, and easy to install, what more might you want?

I ordered the ceiling mount by accident, however they despatched connectors to repair it.

3.Network Specialists LLC – June 2, 2019

Shiny, clear, great search for an workplace!

4.Specific Electrical – June 27, 2019

Great product, works absolutely perfectly. Our electrician tried to dissuade us and promote a dearer product but I’m actually glad we went with this one. We ordered the dimming possibility and all lights were in a position to grow to be less shiny and extra vivid at once! The only draw back was the 2-three week wait time for 58 items however it’s understandable.

5.Workplace Worx – November 4, 2019

Nice lights for an office, I wish they had an up-down gentle option.

Ordered 4500K Black.

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Questions and answers of the customers

1. Q what’s the LUMENS PER FOOT?A 1375 lm per foot

2. Q What’s the facility Cord Color and Length?A The typical cord size is 48 inches, sometimes matte black color.

3. Q Are you able to make 6′ Lengthy Fixtures?A Sure, please contact the gross sales department for extra data.

4. Q Do you might have Emergency Battery Backup Choices?A Sure, this fixture is suitable with various emergency backup options which may be offered with the fixture.

5. Q MADE IN USA?A No, this isn’t a buy american act product.

6. Q Can you connect the fixtures together?

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Present all 2 answers

7. Q Dimension of gentleA It’s 4 feet long, three inches tall, 2 inches vast.

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