The Tufton is the biggest portable Bluetooth speaker from the company, wanting much like an amp itself (as do most of them). Also be certain the speaker is close to the source machine as distance might be an element. It’s principally a homebody that may fire up parties in lofts, garages, basements or backyards. If there’s one factor I’ve learned about today’s Bluetooth speakers, it’s that for common shoppers, the choices are fairly good. As for inputs, there are a number of: a 3.5mm stereo jack, RCA stereo and a digital optical S/PDIF. On the sting with the silicone carrying handle there are the wired ports, plus one for charging USB units and one other for energy. You /can/ also run this whereas charging, however there are strict warnings about holding the quantity low while doing so (it’s not really useful unless you’re desperate).