Are Phlizon Linear Series led wall washer develop lights good for rising cannabis? I take a look on the Phlizon PH-one thousand and PH-3000 bar model develop light and examine the specs to what you really need to develop cannabis. The Phlizon Linear Series PH-1000. PH-3000 grow lights are a few fashions in the large Phlizon lineup. But this is the primary bar or linear fashion develop light Phlizon has produced. Let’s see the way it stacks up…

Which Phases of Cannabis Growth is the Linear Series PH-a thousand Good For? I recommend the PH-1000 develop mild for seedlings. Vegetative “veg” rooms. It all comes down to gentle depth. Cannabis requires robust gentle to develop correctly.

This gentle is unquestionably strong enough for seedlings and the veg section as I discussed, but the PH-1000 Linear Series isn’t great for the flowering part of cannabis plants, except possibly you employ a number of units of this light in your grow space, at which point it turns into a bit price inefficient.

Sure, any individual has in all probability bought one and flowered cannabis with it, but my point is that the depth of this wall waher light offers you weak yields through the flowering part.

Cannabis requires a minimal 460 micromoles of mild during flowering, however technically yields will increase as much as 1500 micromoles (see study cited below).

The PH-a thousand only meets these specifications in a very small space of the canopy, roughly 1×1 foot, and subsequently I wouldn’t suggest it for flowering. You possibly can learn more about cannabis mild requirements by reading my long article on the subject right here.

If you’re willing to think about the larger PH-3000 model, you possibly can undoubtedly flower cannabis with that one.

Aside from the sunshine energy for flowering, I like every little thing else concerning the Phlizon Linear Series. Let’s check out the rest of the design and specifications.


Let’s be trustworthy, this is a great wanting grow mild. It’s compact and options a big heat sink for heat dissipation.

One very distinctive feature in comparison with different grow lights is the IP65 waterproof rating. High humidity environments won’t degrade any of the parts over time. Take a look at the rest of the specifications:

Light Spectrum:

The Phlizon Linear Series PH-1000 provides a full white spectrum mild, which has shown in peer reviewed research to be 10-15% better for rising plants.

The spectrum on each the PH-a thousand and the PH-3000 is comprised of 3000K white, 6000K white, and 660nm red LEDs. In complete this makes up a pleasant full spectrum light that’s capable of growing all phases of cannabis progress if it’s sturdy enough.

The spectrum doesn’t contain infrared wavelengths, but infrared is used throughout the flowering section which I already don’t recommend this grow mild for.

Most LED manufacturers as of late are easily able to isolate the right spectrum of mild, subsequently unless you’re buying a extremely low quality LED develop gentle you in all probability don’t have to worry about gentle spectrum an excessive amount of.

Coverage Area:

(PH-a thousand above / PH-3000 beneath)

Based on the specifications offered by Phlizon, you should utilize this develop light in a 2×2 foot house. In a larger space than 2×2 toes the light depth won’t be robust sufficient to develop cannabis.

What measurement is your develop area? I wrote articles about grow lights that’ll properly mild a 2×4 foot and 4×4 foot grow area. Don’t be afraid to message me in the dwell chat in case you want advice! How do the Phlizon PH-1000. The PH-3000 Linear Series Compare To Competitors?

If you’re considering this grow light I imagine you’re either looking for a bar type LED grow mild, or possibly a grow gentle for a 2×2 or 2×4 foot space.

In that case I believe among the closest modern competitors to this grow mild are the Mars Hydro SP 250 and the Mars Hydro TSL-2000. I personal the latter. Wrote about my expertise with it. In brief, I prefer it too much. Dont overlook Phlizon also provides a extra highly effective line of COB LED grow lights.

But perhaps more importantly you need to think about the specs of these two competing grow lights.

The Phlizon Linear Series and both Mars Hydro develop lights mentioned above are priced inside a couple of dollars of one another. But my sincere opinion is that the Mars Hydro versions have higher specifications and provide a better deal. The Mars Hydro SP 250 emits UV. Infrared as a part of the spectrum. Both of those wavelengths of mild are helpful to cannabis plants. As well as, neon led flex the sunshine intensity is notably stronger than the Phlizon 1000w Linear series.

The Mars Hydro TSL-2000 is in the same place to the SP-250. You’ll be able to read my full review of the TSL-2000 here.

Searching for one thing cheaper? Consider Maxsisun or the Viparspectra VP collection. These develop lights are less expensive. Have comparable efficiency.

In brief, the sunshine is robust sufficient for a 2x4ft area, and intense sufficient to flower your cannabis plants – all for a very related value to the Phlizon Linear Series. It’s also dimmable and comes with additional cord length so you can detach the driver and keep it outdoors your grow tent, retaining temperatures low.

Phlizon LED Grow Light Results:

Result 1

Result 2

My Verdict for the Phlizon PH-one thousand and PH-3000 Linear Series:

The Phlizon Linear Series PH-a thousand appears to be a good develop mild for seedlings and the vegetative phases of growth. If you need a grow gentle for that particular function, this is probably a solid selection.

But when you’re searching for a develop light for full cycle cannabis development, I’d consider the bigger PH-3000 or one in every of the opposite rivals that I discussed above. There’s better value out there for full cycle LED grow lights.

What about for applications other than cannabis? If you’re seeking to develop veggies this gentle could possibly get you thru your entire growth cycle as fruits and vegetables require much less gentle than cannabis.

If you’ve decided you desire a grow mild that’ll get you the maximum yield, I suggest taking a glance at the excessive-finish and mid-vary grow lights on my dwelling web page. Those develop lights have significantly stronger performance. Cover bigger quantities of house.

Can the Phlizon Linear Series Grow Lights Grow Cannabis from Seedling to Flowering Phase? The PH-one thousand can be used for seedlings. Here is more info in regards to led neon flex have a look at our own webpage. Through the vegetative part of progress. The PH-3000 can be utilized for all phases of progress.

What top do I grasp the Phlizon Linear Series Grow Lights?

For seedlings you need to hold the lights 24 inches above the canopy. For the vegetative part it is best to hold the lights 18 inches above the canopy.

What measurement grow house will the Phlizon Linear Series mild?

The Phlizon PH-one thousand Linear Series will light 2×2 feet. The PH-3000 will gentle 2×4 ft.

Does the Phlizon Linear Series develop lights embrace infrared?


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