Best Places to Buy a Mattress in Chicago

Best Place To Buy a Mattress in Chicago

There are a few options to consider if you’re searching for an updated mattress. You can visit a brick-and-mortar store or browse online. Online mattress sales are becoming more popular, but brick-and mortar stores still provide excellent value for many customers. These stores offer expert advice on the best mattress for you.

Denver Mattress Co.

One company in Denver is making an impact by making impact on the lives of the people. The Denver Mattress Co. will give $15 for every mattress sold in 26 states to missions. These donations will help people who are in need, especially during the colder months. The company offers an overnight sleep trial for 100 nights and the financing is 0% APR.

The company’s mattress lineup includes a variety of comfort layers and materials. There are memory foam, latex and cooling gel options. The company also offers specialty models like waterbeds or mattress-in-a-box mattresses. You can also find protectors, pads and other accessories for your mattress that can help it last longer. There are foundations and bases that can be adjusted to provide additional support.

The company began making waterbed inserts in the 1980s. Since then, it has grown to more than 90 locations in 30 states. Today, it offers more than 25 queen size mattresses under its proprietary brands. Prices range from $189 to $1,399 for their own brands. The company also has a line of air beds which include the Big Kahuna, which is eight feet long.

The Denver Mattress Company’s online store features an extensive selection of mattresses. The company also offers strength tests to help customers select the ideal mattress. The company offers budget and luxury models. Online shoppers can search for a specific brand or price. Denver Mattress Company offers a large selection of bedding options in its stores, as well as a wide range of accessories for mattresses.

Denver Mattress Co. offers a unique guarantee program that protects the highest-quality mattresses as well as their affordable prices. With the Better Sleep Guarantee buyers can choose to exchange or receive a full refund in the event that they are not happy. The guarantee is valid for 365 days. Buyers can try out their new mattress without having to worry about their comfort or spending money.

Mattress Firm

If you’re looking for a new mattress in the Chicago area and the Mattress Firm might be the place to go. Customers can feel and touch the different models in the showroom and make an informed decision. They also let customers try the mattresses and offer feedback. Mattress Firm offers both in-store and online shopping.

The Mattress Firm is one of the most popular stores in the Chicago area and offers a wide choice of mattresses and beds at a reasonable price. The stores offer a wide selection of high-end products, a warm and welcoming atmosphere and highly-trained salespeople. The company offers financing options that are special and free shipping on orders above $499.

Mattress Firm has many stores across the Chicago area. It has numerous stores in the city and has made acquisitions. Among its Chicago locations, a number of Mattress Firm stores are dedicated to selling mattresses. To make sure you get the perfect mattress then you can try the mattresses on the basis of a trial.

If you’re looking to purchase a mattress in Chicago you’re likely to find that you’re looking at the mattress of a company that has been around for a number of years. Mattress Firm’s history goes back to 1988, when two former employees quit a local mattress company. The company’s culture changed after the company was bought by an enormous corporation. The company’s culture changed to more corporate, with big corporate policies replacing family-run business practices. In response to this shift the two friends decided to start their own company.

Mattress Firm offers a price guarantee and free trial period to help customers determine if a mattress suits their needs. They also offer financing options as well as a 60 or 120-night comfort guarantee. Many customers rate their customer service five-stars.


There are a myriad of options when you are looking to purchase a Chicago mattress. In addition to brick-and-mortar shops you can also buy mattresses online which has become increasingly popular over the last few years. While online sales could eventually outdo brick-and-mortar shops, many people still prefer purchasing a mattress in a physical shop. The physical location typically offers more variety and higher prices than online stores.

Six different mattress brands are available at Havertys. The layouts of their showrooms may vary so be sure to contact them in advance to inquire about the layout. It is also beneficial to inquire about which mattress is right for your body shape and sleeping preference. There are mattresses available in six sizes from the majority of manufacturers, so it’s easy to find the right size for your needs.

Havertys also sells bedroom furniture. In contrast to other mattress stores, Havertys has showrooms all over the country. The showrooms offer a variety of mattresses and beds, and a variety of payment options. The stores are also open 24 hours a day.

While it may be tempting to purchase a mattress online, you should purchase your mattress from the local Chicago mattress store. A local retailer helps the local economy. It is also better for the environment as well as your overall health. The company also has farms in India and Guatemala that produce organic cotton. They make use of organic cotton for their mattresses, and they also use recycled steel coils. The company has 76 stores throughout the U.S. and an official website that contains information on their products and customer service.

Havertys is a popular mattress store located in Chicago that has many different mattresses and accessories. Whether you’re looking for a memory foam mattress innerspring mattress or hybrid mattress, Havertys is sure to offer a mattress that meets your requirements and budget. You can try it for free for 90 days if you’re not sure about the mattress’s quality. Alternatively, you can choose to return it within one year for a full reimbursement.


Rent-A-Center offers a variety of mattresses and furniture. You can also choose the payment plan that suits you best. You can make payments on a bi-weekly, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis, and you can even pay without credit.

The company offers a variety of mattresses like euro top, pillow top, and gel memory foam. Pillow tops are made up of traditional inner springs and layers of foam padding. Euro tops have a thicker cushioning layer and more durable construction. Gel memory foam mattresses are constructed of pressure-sensitive foam.

Rent-A-Center has affordable options for twin, king, and queen mattresses for those on tight budgets. Rent-A-Center offers free estimates and low prices. They can even deliver and set up the bed you have purchased in your home.

Rent-A-Center has several locations throughout Chicago. A majority of them provide lease to own options. Although leases are more expensive than cash, they’re nevertheless a great option for busy individuals. Rent-A-Center doesn’t require the use of a credit card to purchase mattresses.

If you’re in the market for a cheap mattress or a luxury bedding, Rent-A-Center is a great method to buy one you like. It is a convenient option for those who are hosting an event for a friend or relative or waiting for your next bonus check.

Sleep Number

This chain specializes in firmness and adjustable support pillows and beds. They offer bedding and pillows for all types of sleeping. The luxurious showroom showcases the most advanced mattress technology. The stores of the chain are located across Chicago and in the suburbs around.

The family-owned business has several store locations in the Chicago area. Customers can get expert advice when purchasing a mattress. The company guarantees its products with a guarantee of 120 nights for a price. The Chicago store offers a broad selection of styles and prices.

This Chicago mattress store offers sleep trials to help customers decide whether the mattress is the right one for them. Most customers appreciate this option because it allows them to test the mattress for longer periods of time. If the mattress isn’t right for you, they can simply return it. This service is offered by both Sleep Number and Tempur-Pedic and costs from $199 and $249.

Sleep Number makes four different mattress lines. In the event you loved this information and you want to receive details concerning discount mattress in chicago – click the following webpage, assure visit our website. Each mattress is equipped with the DualAir adjustable core that lets sleepers adjust their firmness each night. The system works with air bladders and an attached pump that allows users to quickly add or remove air. Sleep Number mattresses are more expensive than the online mattresses so make sure you know the amount you can afford before purchasing.

A Chicago mattress buyer might be thinking about changing your mattress. Sleep Number mattresses are designed to last and offer a warranty of 25 years. Although the warranty isn’t non-renewable, it does provide comprehensive coverage for most mattress repairs and replacements. Many Sleep Number mattresses feature auto-adjustment technologies that can recognize your needs for support that change throughout the night. The warranty also covers shipping costs.