Throughout one in all his prison stints, Manser crafted a handcuff key to bust out of custody with fellow inmates. Within the video, he describes how he made the key out of a dust pan before using it to uncuff one in every of his hands. In keeping with Manser, the inmate who had been disturbed picked up one of the oversized carrots from the table and swung it into the chin of the half-tattooed prisoner. The half-tattooed inmate was despatched towards the grumpy con to settle the problem. Manser recalled how he used his dangling handcuff to cowl his knuckles and inflict more harm, beating six officers who have been imagined to march he and fellow inmates to court. His retelling of the incident has racked up more than 100,000 TikTok views some 30 years after the incident. My large factor is about the prison system we have now on this nation and looking at (higher options),’ Manser informed Daily Mail Australia of his latest venture.

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