Mattress Stores Near Me

mattress stores near me

Enter your zip code or address to find the Mattress 1st store near you. You can also reach a retailer via phone or email. You can also learn more about Hastens, the official bedding supplier of the Swedish Royal Court. Hastens offers a variety of mattress brands, including Simmons Beautyrest, Clean Bedroom, SleePare, and Tempur Sealy.

Hastens is an official bedding supplier for the Swedish Royal Court. Swedish Royal Court

Hastens is a Swedish luxury mattress manufacturer that makes mattresses and beds by hand. It also sells bedding and other accessories. The company was founded in 1852 and has been around for six generations. In 1952, Hastens was named the official bedding supplier of the Swedish Royal Court. Hastens shares this distinction with IKEA.

Hastens manufactures high-quality mattresses and bedding for the Swedish Royal Court. Each bed is manufactured in Sweden and comes with a 25-year guarantee. They are of such excellent quality and well-designed that Hastens was selected as the official bedding provider to Sweden’s Royal Court over 65 years.

The brand that was founded in Sweden has nearly 200 locations in Europe and the United States. It is a luxurious brand known for its luxurious beds. The brand’s latest store located in Tyson’s Galleria will carry their famous luxury bedding. Bram Moszkowicz, a Dutch attorney, has been commissioned by the company to develop a TV commercial to advertise its new guarantee policy.

The Hastens Vividus bed is made using 100 100% natural materials. It is manufactured without chemical and is handcrafted by master craftsmen in Sweden. The company also researched the research behind sleep to develop the perfect mattress that allows for deep and rejuvenating sleep.

Clean Bedroom

Clean Bedroom has a large assortment of organic mattresses and bedding. A majority of the bedding is certified organic. This bedding is healthy for you as it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. It’s also beneficial for the environment. Mattresses made from organic materials are known for their long-term durability and can be reused after a couple of uses.

The Clean Bedroom also offers bedroom furniture and accessories. These include platform, queen, or King-sized beds. It also sells bedding accessories like latex pads, pillows, and center support systems. It also has bed frames made of wood or metal. The store is open seven days seven days a week.

If you’re in search of an organic mattress made of materials, consider visiting Clean Bedroom in mattress stores near me. Clean Bedroom has a wide selection of organic mattresses and bedding. The staff is friendly and welcoming. It’s a good idea to clean your mattress each day in case you are allergic to dust and pet dander. To get rid of as much dust as possible, you should use a crevice tool.

Another alternative is to use natural mattress cleaners. A mattress cleaner that is effective should be non-toxicand be able to remove staining caused by sweat, blood, or urine. You can also look on the internet for trusted brands. A mixture of vinegar and baking soda or lemon juice can be very effective, and you should leave it on the mattress for at minimum an hour before wiping it clean.


If you reside in New York, you can go to an SleePare mattress store close to you. You’ll find popular online mattress brands there, and the staff is friendly and helpful. You can also request an in-store mattress evaluation for free should you have any concerns. You can also avail an in-store chiropractor for free and a price match guarantee to ensure you get the best deal.

New York City is home to several SleePare mattress stores. The one in the city is close to Macy’s, Chelsea Park, and Hudson Yards. It has a no-risk return policy and is stocked with a variety of brands. Additionally, you can enjoy exclusive discounts while you’re there.

SleePare stores are located in New York City, Los Angeles and Dallas. These stores stock everything from twin XL to double King sizes. They also provide delivery and set-up assistance. Customers have reported an enjoyable, non-pressure shopping experience. They offer free shipping and other deals.

If you’re not sure whether the SleePare mattress is the right one for you, consider returning it for a trial period of 100 days. This way, you’ll be able to be sure that it’s a best fit for your needs. If the mattress is not right for you, the seller will let you return it or exchange it. Of course your warranty will be valid for the mattress you exchange.

Tempur Sealy

If you are looking for a quality mattress, consider Tempur Sealy. The company manufactures mattresses that are adjustable bases, pillows, and is one of the leading bedding companies in the world. The company’s long and rich heritage is well-known for its Cocoon(tm) Stearns, Cocoon(tm), and Foster(r) brands. It has more than 450 stores across 40 countries, and lots of customers are raving about its mattresses and pillows.

Tempur Sealy mattresses are known for their luxurious feel and longevity. They also are well-known for their contouring capabilities which allows you to sink into the mattress and help support your spine. You should also choose a mattress that has excellent edge support if are a side sleeper. A mattress that is not firm or soft could sink towards the edges, making it uncomfortable for you to lie on your side.

The Tempur-Pedic mattress stores in my area provide a variety of mattresses. There are three kinds of mattresses: medium, firm or soft, based on your preference. Each one is designed to keep your body well-supported and comfortable. Certain models come with additional bounce and edge support to accommodate side sleepers.

Tempur Pedic

The Tempur-Pedic mattresses are a fantastic alternative if you’re looking to buy a new mattress. They offer advanced pressure relief and are available in four models. Each mattress comes with a machine washable cover and antimicrobial treatment. The outer layer is cool to touch. Unlike other beds, Tempur-Pedic mattresses have a special material called the Tempur Support Layer, which adapts to your body’s natural curves and contours. This material also ensures uniform weight distribution, which prevents back and neck pain.

The medium-firm Tempur-Cloud mattress is medium-firm and responds to your body’s weight, temperature, and shape. The Tempur-Pedic comfort layer helps reduce pressure points and minimize motion transfer. Prices range from $1,699 for twins to more than $3,349 for a luxury model. The Tempur-Pedic mattress has been highly rated in consumer reports and surveys.

You can find Tempur-Pedic mattresses at many Sam’s Club locations. These stores offer a wide range of sizes and styles. A queen-sized mattress is available that can be used in the bedroom. Its size makes it easier to get in and out of bed, encouraging more restful sleep.


If you’re in search of a top-notch mattress, consider visiting one of the numerous Hastens mattress stores in your area. These stores offer high-quality beds made of natural materials that are as comfortable as they are comfortable. The company’s artisans use traditional methods to make these beds, using only the finest materials to ensure the best comfort and support. Their beds are handcrafted to give you a unique feel, and they don’t use any chemicals or flame-retardant materials in their production process.

Many people who have trouble sleeping or don’t like changing their bed frequently find these stores to be very comfortable. The company’s mattresses are made of natural materials and are suitable for all sleepers. You can also visit the showrooms to make the best choice. They sell both boutique and brand-name mattresses.


Havertys Furniture is a huge furniture retailer with locations all across the country. This Atlanta-based company specializes in a wide variety of mattresses and furniture. They sell brands like Serta, Simmons, and Stearns & Foster. Havertys also stocks mattresses and a range of accessories for the home, such as armoires.

The company also offers discounts on home accents. There are a variety of options for wall art including rugs, pillows and rugs. There is a decor that will suit any taste and style. There are lamps, clocks, and vases at affordable prices too. When purchasing a mattress, always be sure to check the warranty!