Engineering campus placements is an experience worth having.With a strong backbone of a good college and quality education, it turns out to be a lot more easy and pleasant one. With more and more companies recruiting engineering graduates, it is already a sign of tremendous growth and scope of the IT sector.

, as the world knows, is the creative application of science, mathematical methods, and empirical evidence to the innovation, design, construction, operation and maintenance of structures, machines, materials, devices, systems, processes and organizations.

Companies recruit engineering graduates for pretty diversified roles in application and development, programme delivery, research and development, network support, security, testing, etc. Here are some of the easy ways to start with, to get through the campus placement procedures: –

  • Academics: – An interest in the chosen subjects help you learn your basics easily and in a “never-to-forget” manner.

    Looking for practical examples by surfing through the internet, libraries and/or any other accessible arena for information provides an in-depth understanding of the subjects. Once the basics are done right, it creates a strong foundation of knowledge within the mind that helps through the tricky questions that take place in the placement processes.

  • Project Work Emphasis: – Be it major or the mini projects that you take up throughout your course's tenure, is something that you should choose wisely.

    No matter what you take up, you should be clear about why you chose a certain topic, what were your interests in choosing a particular topic, and other typical questions that could arise during the placement interviews.

  • Area Of Special Interest: – Most placement questions have questions like, “what is your subject of interest?” or “what is your favorite subject?”.

    Though during the four-year span, you may most likely end up liking one subject more than the others, if you don't end up having any, pick up one subject and have a detailed insight into it. However, choose this subject wisely as well, as they might barge up with questions like – “why this subject specifically?”, “what do you think are your opportunities with this subject?”, etc.

  • Hobbies & Communication: – Hobbies can never be mentioned as watching TV, or listening to music as they are past-times, and not hobbies.

    If you wish to mention some, mention any area where you have gained or Universitas Alma Ata Yogyakarta earned a certain kind of recognition, or an area that highly interests you. Communication, on the other hand, is very important for getting placed. Fluency of language, clarity of words and expression, are some of the factors that should be noticed and taken care of when going through a placement interview.

  • Technical & HR Interviews: – Technical interviews are basically testing of the engineering skills you possess.

    For example, being a mechanical engineer, you should be knowing the laws of thermodynamics, IC engines, etc. An HR interview would consist of questions that would cover your areas of interests, hobbies, skills and other personal as well as professional attributes. Being honest in these answers, is one of the best ways to crack them.

  • Have Confidence: – Lastly, believe in your capabilities.

    Even if you aren't prepared, be confident about what you speak and how you convey it to the panelists. Honest expression and presence of mind is all that is needed for your thoughts to be conveyed in the right manner.

is beautiful, and so are the experiences that come after it.Every experience you get, either brings you something or teaches you something. Take them all along with you.

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