An 18th-century French astronomer Nicolas Louis de Lacaille named a constellation Mons Mensae, which interprets to Table Mountain, after the landmark. In your telephone, simply faucet the picture in the underside left and Maps will “drop” you into your chosen location. The roof ultimately collapsed and left openings at the highest and backside for the ocean to surge by way of. Over 10 years, she reworked the property from a simple farmhouse into a towering seven-story mansion. Calling all horror film fans: Not only can you digitally traipse the grounds around this 14th-century castle that allegedly inspired Bram Stoker’s Dracula, however you may as well peek inside a few rooms. Bran Castle was the only castle at the time that matched the description Stoker gave in his guide. The war in Ukraine, which additionally affected the site of the disaster, has made actual-life tourism impossible, but you’ll be able to digitally roam the deserted city because it appeared earlier than the war.