In the UK, the track was banned via the BBC for its sexually suggestive lyrical content material.[6] The BBC also assumed that the name phrase, “We’re gonna get hi, hi, hi” become a drug reference.[7] The specific lyrics objected to is the obvious phrase “get you geared up for my frame gun”; McCartney has stated that the ideal lyrics are “get you geared up for my polygon”, an summary photo, and later said, “The BBC were given some of the words incorrect. But I suppose it’s far a bit of a grimy song if sex is dirty and naughty. I become in a sensuous mood in Spain after I wrote it.”[6] Furthermore, Paul refers to the song while it’s performed for porn a live target audience—”Yeah, properly, the remarkable snigger is whilst we cross live, it makes a great statement. You can say “This one was banned!” and every person is going “Hooray!” The audience adore it, . “This subsequent one was banned,” and then you definately get raving, because all people loves to. Everyone’s a chunk anti-all-that-banning, all that censorship. Our crew, our generation, virtually would not dig that stuff, as I’m sure you already know.”No Porn - Warning Sign Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures