The lead ore could be upgraded by completely different strategies and lead beneficiation equipments based on various kinds of ores, but usually speaking, lead gravity separation, lead floatation separation, or combination of gravity separation and floatation separation can be involved within the lead processing line to get excessive grade lead concentrate.

Gravity separation works to separate the lead ore on primary of different specific densities between lead concentrate and the gangue. Here the precise gravity of lead(galena) is 11.34 while that of gangue is 2-3.3, and the massive distinction of specific gravity makes gravity separation an amazing technique to get the lead focus with good beneficiation efficiency. For lead ore of coarse and center embedded dimension, mechanical seamless steel tube easy crushing or rod milling may also help to appreciate the dissociation of the lead granules from its attached gangue whereas lead of high quality embedded dimension will need ball milling to liberate the lead grain from the gangue. Then the dissociated lead ore can go for lead gravity separator steel tube for additional separation to get the final lead concentrate.

The detailed movement sheet may be as beneath:

The crushed lead ore will be conveyed to rod mill by hopper and feeder for further dissociation to interrupt the intergrowth. Then the milled lead ore can be put into the lead jigging machine to achieve final lead concentrate and tailings.

The lead gravity separation machine is normally for galena lead ore of coarse embedded dimension with its great beneficiation efficiency. As form of best galena ore dressing solution, it is simple to function, maintain with its smallest plant funding.

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About lead floatation separation and lead ore beneficiation gear:

Lead floatation separation works of floatability difference of various materials with ite great beneficiation indication. The floatability of galena, esp. Here’s more info on steel tube take a look at the web site. the positive inlay galena may be very nice, so floatation separation is the ideal beneficiation option to get lead concentrate from high-quality embedded lead ore.

The detailed floatation separation move sheet is as under:

The crushed lead ore shall be conveyed to the vibration display screen to get ore of 0-5mm and +5mm. The +5mm ores will go back to the crusher fur secondary crushing. Then the ore of -5mm beneath screen shall be put into system of ball mill and spiral classifier for milling and classifying. The ore after classification will probably be separated by floatation separation after agitating to get the final lead concentrate.

Both gravity separation and floatation separation works for galena ore upgrading. But which type of method is healthier for different lead mines, please?

For micro high-quality embedded galena, floatation separation can be utilized to enrich the lead ore while for coarse and nice inlay lead ore, gravity separation might be nice to get certified galena concentrate with its high recovery and good effectivity. After all, floatation separation may also work nicely relating to coarse granule inlay lead ore, however comparing with gravity separation, the floatation wants extra plant investment and operation cost.

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Actually, for coarse embedded lead ore, direct jigging gravity separation after crushing will help to achieve supreme focus efficiency. The particular gravity distinction between the galena grains and gangue is big and gravity separation is enough to extract the galena crystals. For some galena mine with clear inlay big dimension, the recovery fee, beneficiation effectivity of gravity separation is a lot better than that of floatation separation whereas operation cost and plant investment of gravity separation is way decrease than that of floatation separation. So gravity separation has been changing into the main beneficiation methodology for galena ore.

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