The construction of the green mine has develop into a nationwide action. If the allocation scheme of the sandstone manufacturing line is unreasonable, it is easy to supply a considerable amount of dust within the production process, which pollutes the surroundings and is not conducive to the development of green environmental safety. Within the sandstone processing system, the artificial sand production capacity is about 460 t / h, and the supplies remedy capability is about one thousand t / h. The powder separator widely utilized in cement production is applied to the sand and stone system production by utilizing the total dry sand processing technology, and mold structural steel the adjustment is made in line with the actual working circumstances to satisfy the needs of aggregate processing high quality and environmental protection. What ought to be performed to stop dust within the sand aggregate production line? Taking the processing expertise of lithium mine for instance.

Lithium Ore Processing Equipment

Lithium ore is a form of metallic ore formed by a chemical reaction in sedimentary rocks for a long time. The complete utilization value of this mine is very high, and it is used as a high-finish metallic in the chemical industry, metallurgy, aerospace and different fields, which plays a vital role in the event of fashionable science and know-how.

For the processing of lithium ore, along with using separate equipment for processing operations, however can also use lithium ore processing expertise for manufacturing and manufacturing. However, info totally show that lithium ore produced by lithium ore processing technology is simpler to fulfill the precise wants of customers. The lithium ore processing process requires a number of equipment;systematically speaking, it has three types of tools: crushing gear, grinding tools, flotation equipment. On this foundation, some auxiliary gadgets are also added.

Dust Prevention Measures of Lithium Mine Processing Technology

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The blasting parameters are optimized, and the mud elimination rig or mud cowl is used to fulfill the manufacturing demand of the system. In response to totally different blasting assessments, the blasting parameters are determined. While controlling the wool particle size, it’s also obligatory to research the powder formation price of the wool after the change of each blasting parameter in order to manage the stone powder content of the unique sand.

2. In order to realize the impact of material matching and crushing, the issue of poor gradation of sand and nice fluctuation of fineness modulus may be solved to a sure extent by consciously mixing material with fillers in numerous areas.

Dust Reduction Measures of the Sandstone Processing System

1. The first kind of equipment wanted for lithium mine processing is crushing tools. Based on the characteristics and processing technology of lithium mine, jaw crusher and cone crusher are selected for main and secondary crushing of lithium mine. When the content material of the stone powder reaches more than 40% after the crushing of the crusher, the strong vibration and the excessive drop will cause the mud to rise and have an effect on the working atmosphere. Therefore, the invention has various enchancment measures on the dustproof of the system and has achieved sure results, so that the discharge diameter of the lithium ore can be smoothly entered the ball mill, thereby ensuring the sleek operation of the whole process.

2. Humidification and excessive altitude atomization of the system manufacturing line, the dust formed by material impression could be reduced by humidifying and atomizing the material at high altitude when the water content permits.